The SCS Aerospace Group was founded in 2008 and is based not only on the space engineering legacy of South Africa, but also in response to increasing need for space technology for commercial, government and social benefit.

SCS Aerospace Group offers 3 lines of business, these being:

  • Satellite Engineering Solutions
  • Satellite Systems and Subsystems
  • Satellite Component Manufacturing
  • The satellite engineering team has actively been involved for more than 25 years in nano, micro- and small-satellites
  • Satellites have been designed, built, tested, launched and operated
  • The team designs satellites with major components selected from the international market, but also has the in-house capability to deliver
    all major components
  • Satellites launched and operating for range of customers
  • Partnerships and collaboration, national and international


ISSA (Dept of Communication)

Stellenbosch University


SpaceTeq nee SunSpace


SCS Space Applications

SCS Space Engineering